StitchFlow is more than just sharing "how-to" videos – it's all of your employees' knowledge capital made accessible, relevant, and actionable. StitchFlow is the right mobile tool to make your workforce smarter, faster, and more competitive. 



Learn and share.

Branch City Coffee Roasters

  • Quickly create, share, and view video tutorials
  • Master technicians support more people in the field
  • Collaborate across the enterprise to find best solutions, process improvements, and solve problems
  • Transfer tacit knowledge from the most qualified experts - your own workforce!
Photo by Minerva Studio/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Minerva Studio/iStock / Getty Images

Get the job done.

The Vista Club at Cliffside Drive

  • Stitch tutorials together to create custom workflows
  • Build complex step-by-step processes others can follow
  • Create workflows for standard procedures or unique job requirements depending on the need
  • Capture and share new or best practices

Coworking Space

Assembly Sydney East

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Grow and change.

easy to deploy. quick to build up. 

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