Use Case #143: Gaining a Competitive Advantage through Rapid Knowledge Transfer

A new water heater has entered the HVAC market based on new federal regulations to meet energy efficiency standards. The product utilizes new technologies that are new to residential applications. Field technicians are unsure of the challenges they will face when installing and servicing these products.

After initial installation hurdles, service calls start to come in due to poor performance and several techs are dispatched to attempt repairs. Cliff, a tech with a background in several different industries, determines that the problem is alleviated by reworking the existing ventilation in the house and increasing the gas pressure. 

Cliff records a tutorial with StitchFlow on proper installation techniques and best practices and shares it with his colleagues. Instantly, Cliff has transferred his knowledge to his colleagues around the region who quickly begin to implement it on their jobs. 

While other companies are still grappling with how to solve the performance issues, Cliff's company has begun to be recognized by customers as the leader in installing and servicing this new class of water heaters. The next week, Cliff recieved the coveted employee of the month parking spot.