Use Case #96: Helping Foremen Manage the Job Better with Workflows

Foremen have many responsibilities at a job-site. Not only are they responsible for getting the job done on time, but quality control, accuracy, cost, safety, logistics, and ensuring client satisfaction all fall on the foreman's shoulders. To ease the burden, StitchFlow can help foremen manage tasks at the job site and ensure work is done correctly.

Jim, a foreman with a commercial construction company, is working 2 busy job-sites with a 12-man crew of all skill levels. He's on a tight timeline and needs to ensure that everyone knows what they are doing and does it right the first time. To manage all of the various tasks from the framing to the plumbing and electrical, Jim uses StitchFlow to record video instructions for all of the tasks that need to happen and quickly turn them into a workflow. Jim can be specific about the relaying critical information such as design elements, materials, and methods depending on complexity and skills-required.

Jim's crew is able review the workflow and complete the tasks based on the instructions and priority provided.  To aid some of the greener tradesman on the jobs-site, Linda, an experienced carpenter, creates and shares with the crew a tutorial on how to make some of the difficult cuts and joints required to complete the customer's design.