Improving Safety and Reliability

Whether your stepping onto the train on your way to work or turning on your stove at home to cook dinner, the safety and reliability of the infrastructure and products we rely on is absolutely vital. We have seen failures in instituting safety guidelines, following proper procedures, or inadequate training result in tragic consequences. 

Often, the problem lies in a one-solution-fits-all approach to safety checks and maintenance measures. A generic process is easier to communicate and train - however, can fall short of providing relevant information critical to the effectiveness of the procedure. 

StitchFlow provides a quick and easy way to capture instruction on how to perform the tasks and turn them into a workflow to be shared with others. Video ensures that the tutorial is relevant to the specific task reduces the chance for confusion. Workflows can also be tagged with a geo-location, a GPS marker that associates the workflow with the location of the specific items the tasks apply to.